Six reasons your kids will love the Action Tank graphic novels

Mike Barry, creator of Action Tank

Action Tank is a full-colour graphic novel series made specifically for middle grade (7-12 year old) readers

I write it, illustrate it, colour it, letter it… and now I’m in partnership with the awesome Scout Comics, who publish it. 

I’d really love to hear what your kids think of the books.

But first, they’ll need to read the books. Which means you’ll need to buy the books. And so, to help you do that, and based on all the stuff kids, parents, teachers, librarians, booksellers, comic book pros and fellow authors have told me over the last few years, I’m proud to present…

SIX reasons your kids will love Action Tank

1. Action Tank is a non-stop, galaxy spanning adventure about how far one boy will go to get home for his Mum’s spaghetti carbonara.

If you like the sound of that, why not check out the first 20 pages here, for free!

2. Action Tank is a highly visual story that can be enjoyed by reluctant readers and veracious bookworms alike. 

Inspired by such comic-book classics as Asterix, Tintin, and the long running legacy of Marvel Comics, exciting new Australian author Mike Barry (yep, me) brings together text, illustrations, color and page design to create a compelling, fast-moving narrative that is perfectly suited to the middle-grade audience. Action Tank has a particular focus on page design, with almost every page constructed so as to build towards a meaningful ‘page turn’.

3. Despite having an action packed, galaxy-spanning plot, the Action Tank series is, at its heart, a story about friendship. 

Through the relationship between our main character, The Boy, and the mysterious Rex Quattricorn, we explore the nature of friendship: how it develops, how it evolves, and ultimately, what friends will do for each other. The story also explores themes of discovery and capability, and draws on narrative gaming theory (such as solving puzzles, finding new equipment, and ‘leveling-up’) to place young readers right in the heart of the action. 

4. Action Tank is a story that makes the small seem big. 

Nothing will stop The Boy from getting home for his Mum’s spaghetti carbonara. Alien monsters won’t stop him, mind-bending puzzles won’t stop him, even crossing the entire Solar System won’t stop him. Because spaghetti carbonara is awesome.

5. Action Tank has already proven itself to be a product that kids, parents, librarians and teachers all want. 

Beginning its life as a small-press publication with relatively small distribution (ie. self-published, Australia only), the Action Tank series has already earned outstanding critical recognition. This includes winning a Comic Arts Award of Australia, earning 2 x Aurealis Award nominations (Best Graphic Novel 2017 & 2020), a NSW Premier’s Literary Award nomination (2021 Patricia Wrightson Award for Children’s Literature), a Russell Prize for Humour Writing for Young People nomination, and inclusion in the Australian Libraries Information Association 2020 Notable Australian Graphic Novel list.

6. Action Tank graphic novels are available all over the world!

Although Mike and his wife have hand-sold thousands of limited-run, self-published copies out of their spare bedroom in Sydney, Australia, the great news is that Action Tank it is now published by Scoot!, and imprint of Scout Comics, and is available worldwide.

The Action Tank graphic novels are available everywhere!


If you’re in Australia – buy Action Tank from Mike’s online store,

If you’re in the USA – buy Action Tank from the Scout website, or from your favourite comic or bookshop!


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