Comic-making workshops


Ever wanted to make your own comic book or graphic novel?

Mike has developed a fun, interactive, ninety minute workshop which he runs in bookstores, comic shops, schools and libraries! Come along and learn how to tell a great, visual story using the power of panels, the drama of design and the wonder of word balloons.


Perfect for 8-12 year olds, each workshop begins with some fun theory about comics. Then, with Mike’s help, each kid creates their own character, chooses a setting, comes up with a story, and makes a one page comic! It’s the best.

The workshops also create a powerful context for developing some key learning areas, including creative writing, visual literacy and storytelling, and early conceptual thinking.

Here’s a great comment from a parent…

“My son came home from the workshop and began creating comic story books. He looked around his day to day life and started to imagine new stories to tell, and engaged in conversation about what makes a great tale. It was wonderful to see him using his creative mind instead of relying on his electronic devices.”


And another good one from a teacher…

“Awesome day with storyteller extraordinaire and visual artist, Mike Barry. Students were encouraged to trust their creative instinct, choose the best story moments and push beyond their initial character ideas.”

Liz Green, Knowledge and Learning Strategist, Loreto Normanhurst



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