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THAT REMINDS ME OF… #60 (BONUS) – Interview with Mike Barry, Author and Illustrator

In this bonus episode (a companion to Ep #0060: Doctor Strange, which also features Mike) Baron and Doc interview Mike about making graphic novels and his work as a storyteller. Hear it >

WORDS AND NERDS #493 – MIKE BARRY & Nat Amoore: We Run Tomorrow

Mike returns to Words And Nerds with his friend and collaborator, kid-lit superstar Nat Amoore, to discuss making novels, graphic novels, and bringing the two together in their smash hit new book We Run Tomorrow. Hear it >


Mike chats with the wonderful Dani Vee on her marvellous Words And Nerds Podcast about Action Tank, his comic-making process and heaps more. Hear it >

COMIC BOOK HERALD / Creannotators #57 – ACtion Tank with MIKE BARRY

Mike was honoured to be interviewed by one of his favourite comics podcasters about the secret history of Action Tank, and treating comics for kids seriously. Hear it >


Mike joins host Wayne Hall for an in-depth chat about working with Scout Comics to bring Action Tank to the kids of the world. Come for the chat about how and why Mike makes comics, stay for Wayne’s incredibly comforting accent.  Hear it >

One More Page / Episode 42 – The Graphic Novel Special

Mike (and his awesome son Ben!) sit in with One More Page host and best-selling author Nat Amoore for a three-way interview about making graphic novels for kids, ice cream flavours and, of course, the Action Tank graphic novel series. (Interview starts around the 34 minute mark)  Hear it >

Graphic Nature / Episode 10 – Interview with Mike Barry

Mike goes deep into why he thinks making comics for kids is important, how he approaches the business side of making comics, and why Superstar creator Jonathan Hickman is his secret mentor. Hear it >

Comixlaunch / Episode 226 – Making a sequel with Action Tank’s Mike Barry

Mike talks about his decision to return to Kickstarter to publish Book 2 in the Action Tank graphic novel series, how he balanced work, life and family while making the book, and why he ‘live-rapped’ his promo video. Hear it >

The Official Action Tank Podcast / Episode 3 – Mike gets interviewed on Hope 103.2 Breakfast

In this long awaited (by someone, I’m sure) Episode 3 of the Official Action Tank Podcast, listen to Mike Barry as he “Lifts the Lid on being a graphic novelist” with Sam and Duncan from Hope 103.2 Breakfast. You’ll hear about what it takes to make comics, superhero alter-egos and following your creative dreams. Hear it >

Comixlaunch / Episode 137 – How to Crowdfund Your First All-Ages Graphic Novel on Kickstarter with Action Tank’s Mike Barry

Mike takes over the ComixLaunch podcast to cover the four big lessons he learned while crowdfunding his first graphic novel. Hear it >


Mike helps the hosts of ‘that reminds me of…’ make sense of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of madness

Mike chats with Youtube legends Baron and Doc as they wrap their heads around Marvel, the Multiverse, and making comics. Watch it >


Mike breaks down what it takes to write science fiction while breaking the world record for how many times he can plug his book in 5 minutes. Watch it >

Mike appears on ABC’s Gruen Planet

Winning isn’t everything. Unless you’re appearing on ABC’s Gruen Planet. Watch it >

Mike takes you on a five-minute journey into negative space

Early memories, iconic logo design, a Frank Miller comic book and a brilliant creative decision… It’s all part of Mike’s journey into negative space. Watch it >

Mike’s graphic novel creator chat with ALIA

Mike talks to the Australian Library & Information Association about Action Tank, Kickstarter, Latin jokes and making comics for kids. Watch it >



Pop culture powerhouse Soda And Telepaths hosts a wide ranging interview with Mike about how he got started, how he keeps going, and what he’s learned along the way. Read it >

Decide to be Creative.

When you were a kid, you were an expert at being creative. Now that you’re all grown up… what happened? Read it >

How I crowdfunded my first graphic novel through Kickstarter.

Mike takes you through his experience of using Kickstarter for the first time, and breaks down the four big lessons he took away from the experience. Read it >

Need a content strategy? The Avengers have one for you.

Thanks to the prevalence of social media, no matter what business you’re in, you’re also in the content publishing business. You’ll need a strategy, though, so Mike shows you how the Avengers (and comics in general) can help. Read it >

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