Action Tank Book 2

A boy races across the Solar System, piloting a beat-up spaceship and accompanied by his fascinating new friends. Forced to crash land on Neptune, he’s soon dodging lightning cannons, racing hovercrafts, and trying to outsmart a bunch of super aggressive guys with buckets on their heads, all in the hope of making it back to Earth in time for his Mum’s spaghetti carbonara.

The second epic chapter in the critically acclaimed Action Tank series, this fast-moving adventure continues the galaxy-spanning tale of discovery, friendship and what you’re really capable of.

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ACTION TANK BOOK 2 continues straight on from the cliffhanger at the end of BOOK 1, and contains MORE ACTION, MORE HUMOUR, MORE CHARACTERS and WAAAAAAY MORE PAGES!


That’s a lot of pages! In fact, it took me TWO YEARS to write, draw and colour them all! Here’s a sneak peek at of some of the pages…


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Yeah, Mike rapped about the book for the Kickstarter campaign.

Thanks to One Eye Witness (aka creative powerhouse Dave Wells) for the backing track.



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