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Graphic Novels are a fun, effective way to build literacy among children.

That’s why Mike is so excited to have Action Tank included in the NSW Premiers Reading Challenge. It’s also one of the reasons Mike made Action Tank in the first place…

“I have two young boys who love reading and being read to. I’ve always loved comics, but when I looked at my own bookshelf of comics and graphic novels, I struggled to find material that catered to their age and reading stage. For that reason, I decided to create a story that I could confidently hand to them, and to others their age, that would respect their intelligence, their sense of humour and their love of adventure, but that could also serve as a gateway to the endless possibilities of comic-book storytelling.”

Mike Barry, on why he created Action Tank

Many teachers have now started using graphic novels in the classroom.


Seeing this growing trend, and in partnership with Australian Standing Orders, Mike has created a set of Teachers Notes that accompany Action Tank Book 2.

Download the Action Tank 2 Teachers Notes (PDF) >

Making comics can teach students foundational Storytelling principles.

Which is why Mike also runs Comic-Making Workshops at schools, libraries, bookstores, comic-shops and workplaces.

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