Action Tank is the first graphic novel from Australian author Mike Barry.

Shortlisted in the 2017 Aurealis Awards for Best Graphic Novel, Action Tank is the story of a boy who finds himself on the other side of the Solar System who needs to get home in time for his Mum’s spaghetti carbonara.

A fast-moving adventure for readers of all ages, Action Tank is 100 pages of full-colour comic book storytelling about discovery, friendship, and what you’re really capable of.


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Huge news!



BOOK 2 continues straight on from the cliffhanger at the end of BOOK 1, and contains MORE ACTION, MORE HUMOUR, MORE CHARACTERS and WAAAAAAY MORE PAGES!


That’s a lot of pages! In fact, it took me TWO YEARS to write, draw and colour them all! Here’s a sneak peek at of some of the pages…


Want to see the first 24 pages (yep, seriously) of Action Tank 2? View the PDF!

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Learn more about BOOK 1, or just go ahead and grab your copy NOW!

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