Action Tank VOLUME 2 rockets into the DIRECT MARKET!

Volume 2, issue 1 is available now!

Jump straight into the Action Tank universe with this 28 page blockbuster!

This full colour opening chapter of Volume 2 comes packed with spaceships, galactic warlords, robot henchmen, a brief history of Neptune, the Solar System’s favorite talking unicorn and a courageous human boy who’s just trying to get home in time for his Mom’s spaghetti carbonara.

Perfect for ages 7-12, and only $US3.99!

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Action Tank Book 2 - with all the awards

The mind-blowing, 256 page adventure with all the awards can now be yours!

A boy races across the Solar System, piloting a beat-up spaceship and accompanied by his fascinating new friends. Forced to crash-land on Neptune, he’s soon dodging lightning cannons, racing hovercrafts, and trying to outsmart a bunch of super-aggressive guys with buckets on their heads, all in the hope of making it back to Earth in time for his Mom’s spaghetti carbonara.

The second epic chapter in the critically acclaimed Action Tank series, this is a fast-moving, galaxy-spanning adventure about discovery, friendship, and what you’re really capable of.

256 pages! Perfect for ages 7-12!

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ACTION TANK Book 1 is already available everywhere!

It all begins here! 100 action-packed, full-color pages for only US$9.99!

Best described as Where the Wild Things Are meets The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, you can find the first book in the critically acclaimed Action Tank series anywhere good books are sold!

If you’re in the USA – ORDER BOOK 1 HERE!

If you’re in Australia – ORDER BOOK 1 HERE!



You can now hear Mike talk about how and why he makes Action Tank on a whole bunch of podcasts!

Mike Barry, Action Tank author and illustrator


“Smart, funny, and dynamically designed, Action Tank is an impressive debut that’s sure to engage readers, some of whom will no doubt be inspired to write and draw their own powered-up comics.”

– SHAUN TAN (The Arrival, Cicada, Tales from the Inner City)

“A truly exceptional use of the comic form. This is a big smile from end to end.”

  – RYAN K LINDSAY (Everfrost, Eternal, Beautiful Canvas)

“Mike’s talent continues to astound me. If I didn’t know what a gentle nerd he was, I’d be intimidated.”

  – NAT AMOORE (Secrets of a Schoolyard Millionaire, The Right Way To Rock)


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